How To: Hold the cello in good posture

Hold the cello in good posture

Watch this instructional cello video to learn how to hold the cello in good posture. When sitting down to play the cello, you want to sit at the edge of the chair keeping your lower back aligned with the rest of your back. This tutorial provides great tips for beginning cello players.

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I hold my cello to low. I have for years. I have a deformed left hand, but I am starting to teach cello and I don't want the little kids to hold wrong. I tell them that they need to hold the cello the way that is comfortable, but I don't want to teach them wrong. I play along with my students and they are asking me why I hold mine differently. i am teaching 3rd and 4th graders, I love it. Two of my students have autism! They are doing excellent! I just worry about positioning. Is it okay to let them hold the cello where they feel more comfortable?

I enjoyed your videos, and I am going to refer my little cello students to your videos.

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